Our cottage

”Chata Walichnowska” is situated in the heart of Poland, near the road E8 Wroclaw-Warsaw. Through years distinguished for hospitality, kind service, Polish cuisine, and unique home atmosphere.
Convenient location in the centre of Poland (100 km. from Lodz, 100 km. from Warsaw, 100 km. from Wroclaw). It makes this object attractive place to arrange trainings, conferences, business banquets, above all wedding parties, and much more.



Our restaurant is known for Polish cuisine. We serve delicious, traditional dishes in a big amount without any improvements . ALL dishes are freshly prepared and suit every pocket. Menu includes also dishes on a special order like a roasted piglet.
Interior of the restaurant is created in a cottage style. The first impression after entering the inside there is warm and kind atmosphere , which is maintained thanks to pine finishes in which stone fireplaces are set.
In the centre of the restaurant a barbecue (grill) is situated, where you can see how fish and meat are prepared.



We created a shop in which we want to buy. In our shop there is a big range of fresh products. We know how important the shopping atmosphere is, which created our experienced and helpful staff and an appropriate decoration.
You can buy here fresh meat products from a well-known MARKO company.
We invite you from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 22:00 and on Sundays from 10:00 to 20:00.



Our Hotel consists of 14 rooms with 27 places to sleep and additionally with mattress, if it is needed. Rooms are luxurious and comfortable. Every room is contemporary and includes: TV, free from charges wireless Internet access and a bathroom.
In the Hotel there is a warm atmosphere and a very kind, experienced service.
We have a guarded car park for cars and lorries.